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The main square of Derbecen became a splendid and spacious promenade in 2001 – the sparkling fountains and refreshing drinking fountains relax the senses and the body as well. In the shadow of the flourishing trees cosy nooks hide the secret peace of this beautiful city. The grandiose investment resulting in this charming promenade is one of the most successful ones in the city’s life: the main square became the place for numberless exciting and interesting programs and events from the most prestigious carnivals to the special folk programs.


In the heart of the Great Forest lies the four-star Aquaticum Debrecen Thermal Resort and Spa Hotel which was opened in 1998. The 94 comfortable, air-conditioned rooms, the marvellous restaurant and the highly-equipped conference hall serve all requirements and needs and also conforms to the highest international standards. This four-star hotel is an essential part of the city life, because the entire health complex, which is unique in the country, offers services for the residents of the region as well. Therefore the hotel is the perfect place not only for relaxation and refreshment, but for conferences and receptions as well.
In 2003 the complex was extended with Aquaticum Mediterranean Aqua Park, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Debrecen, as it offers excellent time for the whole family. The aqua park, which acquired a four-star rank in 2006, has already welcomed 750 000 guests: its 12 slides, jacuzzis, cave baths, children’s and baby pools, pools with wave machines, climbing walls are surely offer various and substantial experiences for everyone. At the same time the Mediterranean restaurant of the aqua park serves excellent food and the sauna centre and the Thai Massage Centre awaits those who desire more sophisticated forms of leisure. Furthermore, the complex is directly connected to the excellent Vigadó Restaurant, which has a breath-taking view to Medgyessy Promenade and which invites the guests with traditional Hungarian dishes. For further information, please visit:


In 2002 autumn the Főnix Events Hall was opened for the 36th World Championship for Gymnastics by Separate Events. The establishment, which was awarded with Nívó Prize, is able to host 8 500 visitors, therefore it was the home of a number of prestigious national and international sports and music events in the last five years: the Junior and Adult Ice Hockey World Championship, Females’ Handball European Championship, Judo European Championship, Fitness Parade, or the world-famous Deep Purple, Bryan Adams, David Copperfield. For further information, please visit:


The ice-skating ring unique and unparalleled in the region opened in May 2004 and it has an enormous arena of 1642 square metre. This remarkable sport institution is open although the year and offers a variety of different programs for the visitors. For further information, please visit:


The airport of Debrecen conforms to the requirements of the Schengen Regulations and has an accredited terminal which handles 200 000 passengers yearly. Since 2004 the airport became an international one with permanent customs. As a result of this, the airport on an institutional and official level became equal with Budapest Ferihegy International Airport. Furthermore, the investments and the thus enhanced innovations since 2001 enabled the airport to conform to the requirements of the standards of aviation in European Union: a basic airport infrastructure that supports regular air transportation, modern navigation system, modern lighting technique, and a security system that conforms to the international requirements. A modern digital system and luggage handling system was also initiated, and a parking area of 380 for cars and 16 for buses and coaches.

The Debrecen Airport received more than 50 000 passengers only in 2007 and currently it hosts 1 incoming 11 outgoing charter flights to 10 different destinations: from Debrecen you can reach directly Greece, Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria, Egypt, Tunis, and you can reach Debrecen from Germany. For further information, please visit: 


The primary centre of the city’s conference tourism is the Kölcsey Conference Centre built in 2006, which is the second largest in Hungary. The main hall of the centre is perfect for conferences, receptions, company meetings, concerts and studio performances. The size of the hall is possible to transform, as the stage is separable, and through this the capacity can be expanded. The separated and well-equipped rooms are perfect to house sessions and subsessions of any kind of conferences, negotiations and meetings. At the same time the centre regularly displays remarkable exhibitions in its gallery which is also possible to host larger conferences and thematic exhibitions, while the three floors of the centre can give receptions serving up to 1200 guests. For further information, please visit:


This new four-star hotel of Debrecen is situated in the same building as the Kölcsey Conference Centre, it has 88 double-bedrooms and 4 apartments. It is particularly designed to support the events and the thus arising needs of accommodation, furthermore, the separate rooms of the hotel may serve as the perfect place for negotiations and presentations. In this way, the hotel and the conference centre form an organic unity that enhance high-level and active conference tourism in Debrecen. For further information, please visit: 



The largest and probably the most modern contemporary art gallery of both the region and the country was opened in 2006. The MODEM, which name is a blend of modern and art in Hungarian, is a cultural institution that was designed after the most sophisticated considerations of a high standard arts establishment: its size, position and structure determine MODEM to be one of the most distinguished regional centres for national and international contemporary arts life. The three-storey institution with its 3000 square metre exhibition area is not a usual museum as it does not have a permanent collection; it is rather devoted to the cornucopia of artistic forms and means of artistic self-expression. This fascinating credo of the institution reflects the openness and innovative nature along which the exhibitions are organised as well, and probably this makes this young gallery one of the most popular and well-known art institutions. This freshness is symbolised best through exhibitions such as The Real Leonardo, which, after Florence and Tokyo visited Debrecen and hosted more than 150 000 visitors and initiated them into the magical world of the Renaissance genius, or through the Tracing Van Gogh-The Story Continues-Contemporary Artists on Van Gogh, a widely renowned exhibition of about 80 pictures inspired by Van Gogh. For further information, please visit:


The sports pool of Debrecen was opened in 2006 autumn and since then it has hosted a number of international and national sports events. With its 10 000 square metre area, 50 metre pool and a capacity up to 1500 visitors this is one of the largest sports centres in the region. At the same, besides the pool for competitions and championships, there are jacuzzi, children’s pool, training pool, and sauna, moreover, an open air thermal spa and massage and fitness rooms are also available for those who seek further relaxation. 

The pool provides regular access for the residents of the city, thus supporting the already established health and leisure institutions and large-scale health projects. For the lovers of water sports the pool has offered exclusive events, such as the finals of the Hungarian Men’s and Women’s Water Polo Cup, National Short Course swimming Championships, Volvo International Men’s and Women’s Water Polo Cup, or the European Short Course Swimming Championships. For further information, please visit:


The Regional Court of Appeal was established in the second half of 2006 and was opened in November 2006. It is the regional centre responsible for cases on appeal for almost 2 million people, that is approximately the larger area of east Hungary. This administrative judicial unit of the Court of Appeal handles and coordinates the cases on appeal of 4 counties, and its importance is remarkable, because there are only 3 other ones of such institutions in the country altogether.

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