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This program is the summit level of the combined functions and activities designed, developed and deployed by education, research and industry on a well-defined regional and local basis. Debrecen has recently emerged as a national and international centre both for scientific knowledge and for regional cooperation of Northern and trans-frontier territories and this is already the direct result of the innovations initiated by the Pole Program of 2007-2013 within which the city declared 8 key projects of innovation.

Debrecen therefore pays special attention to the following programs: the Regional University Centre for Genomnanotechnics, the proper operation Airport Debrecen Business Park, the Centre for Agricultural Innovations, the Logistic Centre for Multimodal Communal Transportation with the establishment and refinement of suburban transportation, the Pharmapolis Centre, the Regional Industrial Cluster, the Regional Fair Centre, the Silicate Field Regional Centre for Informatics, innovations in the Debrecen Airport, the Accent Regional Accelerator Centre, the increase of the tourist potential of Great Forest and the Centre for Human Resource Development and Business.


The ISPA project is one of the essential features of the long-term investments and innovations of Debrecen, as through this project the public sewer system of the city is going to be completed till 2008. The thus added 300 kilometres new pipeline-system will increase the number of people having access to clear water and a more comfortable life.


The Debrecen Forum Cultural and Trade Centre is one of the most grandiose investments of the recent years in Debrecen: the complex that cost 25 billion Hungarian forints hosts a number of different divisions from local market to a 9-10 000 square metre large studio theatre. Furthermore, these divisions also include an office and business centre with an enormous parking area of 800 places.


According to the plans, the constructions of the tram No. 2 in Debrecen are going to be finished – this innovation concentrating in the northern part of the city is accompanied by other plans as well: the local government insists on the further development of railway lines leading towards the suburbs of Józsa and the town of Hajdúböszörmény, thus these suburban railway lines would be the direct continuations of the city trams. This development is, of course, the part of a regional innovation project involving other towns and villages of this area as well – this is going to culminate in a rather strong transportational association of these places. These projects also show the remarkable cooperation and the firm ties established among the smaller inhabitations and Debrecen, thus encouraging further flourishing and mutual relationship.

22. August 2017, Tuesday
Menyhért, Mirjan