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Debrecen is extremely proud of its centuries’s old traditions and heritage in education, that is why the city pays considerable attention to this public sector from lower to higher levels as well. As a result of this Debrecen is not only a regional and national, but an international centre of education, especially on higher levels. Several thousands of foreign students choose Debrecen as their educational destination year after year which hallmarks the traditionally high level of the various trainings and the well-established technical and scientific background supporting the institutional network. This network consists of almost 50 kindergartens, 40 elementary schools and 30 secondary schools, many of which are financed by the local government, though some are under ecclesiastical rule.  At the same time the city also pays attention to children with special needs and those who require special treatments: two special institutions and three special student residences offering distinctive and differentiated educational programmes deal with these needs.
Being a traditional regional and cultural centre, Debrecen is devoted both to promote education in different languages and to support talents as well. Therefore there are a number of bilingual schools and schools with special curriculum enhancing student performance.

Debrecen is also one of the regional centres for higher education with its more than 30 000 students in 15 different faculties. Besides the internationally renowned research centres and programmes of the medical and the scientific faculties other faculties also ensure a distinctively high level of training. At the end of 1914 the University of Debrecen was established on the separated faculties of Law, Theology, and Humanities earlier operating as organic parts of the Reformed College. The new campus, headed by the breath-taking main building from 1932, was later structurally and administratively divided during the middle of the 20th century and was united only in the year 2000. Since that moment, the University of Debrecen, one of the largest ones in the country, offers a variety of trainings from humanities to natural sciences, from musical education to economic training, from medical to agricultural training. This outstanding system of higher education is further enhanced by the internationally respected medical training for foreign students from all around the world.  

The Debrecen Summer University, which had its 80th anniversary in 2007, is characteristic for its traditions, its excellent language teachers, and its friendly atmosphere. Thus, the summer university offers splendid programmes for those who wish to learn more about Hungarian culture and language, and as a result of this, the summer university hosts more than 600 students from more than 30 countries year after year.
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