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General Information:

Debrecen with its almost 205 thousand inhabitants is the second largest city in Hungary, and the city 220 kilometres far from Budapest has a rich history more than 6 centuries long. It is not only the cultural and scientific centre of the region, but also a marvellous place of various festivals and cultural events. Moreover, Debrecen is the city of a flourishing bath culture and a distinctive health centre as well.

The mild climate characteristic of Hajdú-Bihar County reflects a usually dry summer and a rather cold winter compared to other parts of the country. The exact geographical parameters of the city are the following: it lies on northern latitude 47° 32’ 10” and eastern longitude 21° 38’ 40”, its area covers 462 square kilometres and the city is only 85 metres above sea level, which means that it is situated in a small basin, which also indicates the lack of various geographical forms and patterns. 

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