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Mayor’s Office
The City of Debrecen

Old City Hall:

Postal Addresses:

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20 Piac Street
Debrecen 4024
New City Hall:
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11 Kálvin Square
Debrecen 4026

Local Government
Just as in all habitations in Hungary, the public services and offices of the city of Debrecen are estabished on a strong, self-sustaining and self-supporting local government which also emphasizes its own communal functions and roles. These important social and political roles are based on the modifications of the Constitution launched in 1990. At the same time, these modifications served as the basis for the three essential rights of local governmets: the right for self-government accompanied by political and economic autonomy, democratic wield of local power and the judicial protection of local govermental rights.

The institutions of the local government:
- the Mayor and his office
- the City Council and its Committees
- Office of the Body of Representatives

The local government is a rather complex and well-established system of different administrative and decision-making institutions. These are further supported by a number of committees, boards and councellors. The summit organ of the local government is the City Council with its 35 members, and headed by the Mayor himself in cooperation with the Head Notary. Thus the office of the Mayor is the office of the City Council as well, and this way these seemingly separate units form an organic system.

Nevertheless, this coherently functioning governmental body is separated into various bureaus, which support faster and more effective administration, such as Bureau of Local Adimistration, Bureau of Local Innovation, Bureau of General Control, Bureau of Local Economic Affairs, etc. Moreover, technical innovations and a highly effective on-line service system initiated in the Mayor’s Office serve the citizens in their everyday administrative affairs from taxation to health issues.

22. August 2017, Tuesday
Menyhért, Mirjan
Mayor’s Office:

László Papp, Dr.
 of Debrecen


for Economic Affairs


Vice-Mayor for Economic Affairs


Vice-Mayor for
and Cultural Affairs

Antal Szekeres, Dr.
Head Notary 
of Debrecen


Zoltán Fauszt, Dr.