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Financial services

Financial services
Debrecen is the economic centre of the North Great Plain Region, and as a result, all the significant financial service providers present in Hungary are also represented in the city.  There are (as of September 2008) a total of 36 bank branches and 87 ATMs (most of which can be used night and day) within the area of the city. The largest Hungarian retail bank, OTP Bank, maintains 7, CIB Bank 5, Erste Bank 4, Raiffeisen Bank 3, K&H 3, UniCredit Bank 2, Budapest Bank 2, MKB Bank 2, Magyarországi Volksbank 2 branches, while Citibank, KDB Bank, Commerzbank, Magyar Cetelem Bank, Allianzbank and ING each has 1 branch in the city. (OTP Bank and Erste Bank also have branches on the university campus.) In addition, several smaller, locally based financial and credit institutes also offer their services in the city. Naturally, customers can use all the benefits of internet banking as well. Western Union money transfer is available in 10 post offices in Debrecen. (Two of these are located in shopping centres.) Exchanging money is also possible at more than 15 other locations, mainly in the inner city and in big hypermarkets (Tesco, Cora, Metro, Debrecen Plaza). Anybody may keep accounts in international currencies.


Raiffeisen Bank (English)
OTP Bank  (English)
Budapest Bank (member of the GE Money Bank) (Hungarian)
CIB Bank (English, Italian)
K&H (English)
UniCredit Bank (English)
KDB Bank (English and other languages)
Erste Bank (English)
Citibank (English)
Magyarországi Volksbank (English, German)
MKB Bank (English)
FHB (English)
Allianz Bank (English)
Commerzbank (Hungarian, German)
Magyar Cetelem Bank (Hungarian)
ING (English)

Bank branch and ATM locator (Hungarian)

Other financial institutions:
Credithill (English)
Korona Kredit (English)
Aegon  (Hungarian)
Hajdúdorog és Vidéke Takarékszövetkezet [Hajdúdorog and Vicinity Savings Cooperative]  (Hungarian)
Polgári Takarékszövetkezet [Polgár Savings Cooperative]  (Hungarian)
Balmazújváros és Vidéke Takarékszövetkezet [Balmazújváros and Vicinity Savings Cooperative]  (Hungarian)
Pocsaj és Vidéke Takarékszövetkezet [Pocsaj and Vicinity Savings Cooperative]  (Hungarian)

Vámospércs és Vidéke Takarékszövetkezet [Vámospércs and Vicinity Savings Cooperative] (Hungarian)
Post offices offering Western Union services  (excel, Hungarian) 
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