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How to Reach Debrecen:

The region of Hajdúság and its centre, Debrecen can be reached easily by several means of transportation.
Geographical location of Debrecen on Google Maps.

By car

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On roads No. 4, 33, 35, 42, and 47, or M3 highway leading to Görbeháza, and from Görbeháza M35 highway directly leading to Debrecen. The duration of such a journey from the capital is approximately 2-2,5 hours.
At the same time other regional centres can be reached Debrecen: you can reach Miskolc and Nyíregyháza – and through them Slovakia and Ukraine – on highways M35 and M3, or M30. Nevertheless, Debrecen is also a gate to Romania, which you can reach directly on road No. 47 towards the border town of Ártánd.
From Budapest:
Highways M3 and M35
Roads No. 33, 4

From Nyíregyháza:
Road No. 4,

From Miskolc:
Road No. 35
  Route finder
Find a parking garage in the City center.
  by car via the M35 (E79) motorway that is connecting to the M3 (E71) motorway providing a direct link to the capital, Budapest
by car via the 4 (E573), 33, 35 (E71), 47 and 471 main roads
by train via the following lines: Nos. 100, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109 and 110;
Of them No. 100 is a direkt link to the capital, Budapest.

By train


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Debrecen lies on the No. 100 line of Budapest-Szolnok-Debrecen-Nyíregyháza-Záhony direction, not incidental therefore that this is one of the most developed railway junctions of the country. This provides the systematic and effective national and international railway transportation, as not only the major cities and towns are connected, put practically all inhabitations are integrated in the railway network. At the same time, Debrecen also enables international transportation by train to Romania, Ukraine and Slovakia as well. The MÁV (Magyar Államvasutak, Hungarian State Railway Company) supports the major lines with InterCity trains (fewer stops, shorter duration of travel, higher speed, and greater comfort), but fast and regular trains reach all parts of the region.

From Debrecen to Budapest and back at least 1 Inter City train per hour is available in each hour in the 6 h – 20 h period every day.
(for time tables see

Hungarian State Railway Company (MÁV)

MÁVDIREKT– telephone customer service (lo-call blue number):
Number to be called from abroad:  
InterCity Ticket Order Phone Number:

+ 36 (40) 49 49 49
+36 (1) 371 94 49
+36 40 494 949

Central Station of Debrecen
Postal Address: 
Phone Number:

Central Ticket Office and General Information Office:
Postal Address: 
Phone Number:
12 Petőfi Square, Debrecen 4025
At the MÁV Central Station
+36 52 346 777, 
+36 52 346 316,

4 Rózsa Street, Debrecen
+36 40 494 949
Useful links: English version of MAV main website.
Updated timetable.
The railwaysmap of Hungary (2005).
Small nostalgia trains.

Air Transportation:

   Since 2004 Debrecen has its own international airport with its own permanent border and customs, which is unique in Hungary outside Budapest. As a result of this, the airpot is capable to serve and handle all types of aeroplanes. Moreover, the airport is in the direct neighbourhood of the city, thus it is quite easy and fast to each it. The cosy and spatious terminal is absolutely digitalised for the faster and more comfortable service of the passengers, and thanks to the grandiose innovations the airport conforms to the highest aviation standards of the European Union.
  Directly: via Debrecen International Airport (DEB)

Debreceni Nemzetközi Repülőtér (International Airport of Debrecen)
Airport Debrecen Kft.
Postal Adress: Mikepércsi street, Debrecen
H-4002 Debrecen Pf. 187.
Phone Number: +36-52-518-800
E-mail address: office@airportdebrecen. hu
Airport s website.
It serves a great number of international airlines
about 2.5 hours driving from the airport to Debrecen on M3 – M35 motorways
International airports within 200 km from Debrecen (The thick red lines in the map indicate motorways.)

Tram and trolley

Debrecen also makes extensive use of electric vehicles in public transportation: the tram and the trolley are organic parts of Debrecen s everyday life. These are maintained by DKV Zrt. which intends to initiate further developments for the higher comfort of the passengers.
For further information, please contact:
DKV Debreceni Közlekedési Zrt.
Postal Address: 
3 Salétrom Street, 4025 Debrecen
Phone Number: +36-52-502-640

Website and updated timetable.
Tram and trolley line map (HUN).
Timetable. (HUN)

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